Birth preparation
  • Cours de préparation à la naissance

Birth preparation

Are you an expectant parent? Would you like to have a birth preparation that is tailored to you? Would you like to take a prenatal class that focuses on pain control? Come and get the tools to experience a birth where YOU are in control.

We offer practical and theoretical workshops on methods of pain control during labour and delivery to couples who are at least 30 weeks pregnant. The following topics and activities will be covered during the birth preparation course:

  • Explanation and practice of different comfort and pain control measures such as relaxation, breathing, visualization, hypnosis, massages, different positions, hydrotherapy, balloon, tens, pressure points, epidural, etc.
  • Partner’s role during birth
  • Pain and fear exercises
  • Medical induction
  • Practice of several massage techniques

The trainer is an experienced birth attendant who has worked in both hospitals and birth centres. Her training in perinatal care is frequently updated. She can answer all your questions about birth preparation and giving birth.

Registration fee : 30 $ for the couple
A minimum of 2 registrations is required for the course to take place.

Note : A private course is available for a fee of $215.

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