Babywearing course – Back Carry

Babywearing course – Back Carry

*Please note that this course is only offered in french*

This exclusive workshop has been specially designed to introduce you to back carrying with a woven sling. Our goal is to guide you in learning this fascinating technique. During this enriching experience, you’ll be immersed in the art of back carrying with a woven sling, also known as a “rucksack”.

The workshop program begins with playful exercises designed to familiarize you with the back-carrying technique. You’ll develop remarkable ease in this crucial stage of babywearing. Next, you’ll explore several variations of the kangaroo knot on the back (rucksack) and get an overview of the double hammock, an advanced approach to back-carrying.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to hone your skills and explore in depth the various knots and finishes possible with a woven wrap. During this workshop, you’ll have the chance to experiment with different finishing variations for the double hammock, as well as knotting techniques specific to long and short scarves. Your creative horizons in the art of babywearing will be truly infinite!

Although baby carriers will be available on site, we strongly encourage you to bring your own babywearing equipment to familiarize yourself with the ones you use every day.

The event will be led by a babywearing instructor certified by the “Porter la vie” babywearing school. Join us for a day of discovery, learning and fun as we explore the world of babywearing.

One registration per couple


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