Bonapace method

Unfortunately, the group workshops and courses are only available in French.  However, a private course in English would be possible at extra cost.

What is the Bonapace Method?  The Bonapace method is a technique for preparing for delivery focused on the mother and her partner.  Il learning it, you will understand the birthing process and demystify its strong feelings, thus reducing medical interventions.  Thanks to this prenatal class which encourages your partner to participate, you will:

  • Understand the steps in your delivery and the natural methods to help you manage pain;
  • have a practical toolbox to reduce pain;
  • understand how to work as a team to better experience this event, therefore reinforcing the bond with your partner.

In practising the Bonapace method, you will gain the necessary confidence in yourself and your body, in order to fully experience the delivery that you have dreamed about for your baby.

Class dates: 

  • to be announced


  • It is strongly recommended that you should register starting at the 28th week of pregnancy;
  • Total class time is 9 hours;
  • Wear ample clothes in order to practice massage techniques and bring a pair of comfortable shoes;
  • It would be good to purchase an exercise ball and a small yoga mat as well as a washable marker (or makeup pencil) in order to practice at during class and at home;
  • Plan a healthy snack for the break.

Registration fees: $135 per couple for the course, including the book Accoucher sans stress de la Méthode Bonapace.

Note : It is possible to register for a private class at an extra cost of $75.

Registration HERE!

Cancellation and reimbursement policy for prenatal classes:

. 5 business days before the start of class: no reimbursement
. 6 to 10 business days before the start of class: 50% of class fees will be reimbursed
. In all other cases, a $15 fee will be withheld.
. Where NRO cancels the class, the entire class fee amount will be reimbursed.