Training to become a birthing coach

Would you like to become a birthing coach?

Once per year, NRO offers birthing coach training.  This 70-hour training will give you the tools to develop the skills and attitudes necessary to help couples going through the wonderful adventure that is birth.

Training covers the following subjects:

  • What is a birthing coach?
  • What is her role?
  • The physiology of pregnancy and birth;
  • The psychology of pregnancy for the couple;
  • Common aches and pains and risk factors associated with pregnancy and birth;
  • Pain management during delivery;
  • How to help labour progress;
  • Various locations for delivery;
  • Therapeutic relationship;
  • Multiculturalism and women;

After receiving your birth coach certificate, you will be entitled to practise your passion independently or by joining one of a number of groups and organizations which offer perinatal services.

At the present time, the training is only available in French.  You must be able to read and speak French.

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