Childbirth Coaching

Why have a birthing coach?

You are alone and would like to have someone accompany you during this wonderful experience!

Your family and friends live far away and are not able to go with you to the hospital!

You just feel like experiencing childbirth with the help of a coach!

A childbirth coach: to better experience pregnancy and childbirth

Through her professional qualifications, her training and her experience, the childbirth coach will help women and couples discover their full potential, grow throughout their experience with childbirth, clearly identify their wishes, and create bonds with their child.  She offers non-medical support during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period.

A coach offers an average of three prenatal visits, is present during labour and delivery, and visits once following childbirth.  She also remains available by phone or email.

Coaches may:

During pregnancy:

  • Provide information, documentation or references appropriate to the women or couple.
  • Communicate in order to establish strengths and weaknesses of the woman and man.
  • Share in the emotions which pregnancy brings to the lives of future parents.

During labour and delivery:

  • Help the woman to be more conscious of her energy, to be confident and to let go.
  • Foster a relaxed and open environment for exchanges, as well as establish communication paths with hospital staff.

After birth :

  • Answer any questions expressed by the couple regarding breastfeeding and care for the newborn child.
  • Support parenting skills.
  • Share external resources and refer or direct the family as required.

A childbirth coach is a person who will help the woman or couple in making informed choices…

Support during childbirth is the subject of scientific study.  For example, one research undertaken in Guatemala has shown that the presence of a “doula” coach during labour and delivery led to a reduced number of complications.  Moreover, more women who received this service had babies in better health than those who gave birth without a coach.

How can a childbirth coach help?

In a study of 400 births, women who were supported by a childbirth coach experienced:

  • a 25% reduction in labour times
  • a 50% reduction in caesareans
  • a 60% reduction in use of epidurals
  • a 40% reduction in use of oxytocin
  • a 30% reduction in use of narcotics to help with decreasing pain
  • a 30% reduction in use of forceps

The study also noted:

  • a reduction in fever spikes for the mother,
  • a reduction in the number of days newborns spent in the intensive care unit,
  • a reduction the number of cases of infections, and babies saw less health issues in the first six weeks of life (i.e. colds).

Studies also found:

  • a better success rate for breastfeeding, an increase in time spent with the newborn, the mother’s more positive evaluation of personality, progress and health of the newborn, as well as a reduction in postpartum depression.

What a coach will not do!

A childbirth coach does not replace a partner, or other support people.  By her experience, compassion and openness, she completes and facilitates a partner’s involvement in the delivery.  She is also an additional support and resources person.

A childbirth coach does not make decisions and will not attempt to control the delivery process.  She will respect the choices of the mother.  She will focus on improving  mother’s natural skills and giving warm comfort.

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